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Our Story


Born in Rwanda

Take a look at the picture above.


This is a child's foot that landed on a notebook, accidentally dropped at a refugee camp in

Rwanda, mid-2005.


Cool isn't it? But, why is it important?

Well, in itself it isn't. But it stands for something. It stands for The Kick Project.


You see, I was in Rwanda, about an hour through the verdant hills outside Kigali, working as a journalist and reporting on a World Food Program project there. It was all fairly stuffy and official and I was diligently and seriously taking notes and using the shield of my work to hide behind.


A spontaneous game of soccer had broken out around me, as if the suits and the pomp didn't matter at all. I got jostled a little in the excitement and dropped my notebook, when it got flattened by a passing foot,

a boy about 12 with a grin plastered across his face.


Pasted. A work of art.​

I have kept that image ever since.


Well, this moment defines a change of heart.

The Foot on the Notebook was a symbol to me about what really mattered.

Kids are important and their childhood belongs to them.

If I wanted to help, I had to be part of it and step in from being an observer.

Soccer/football is the obvious tool for me. If you take the time to stick around and travel with us here and follow our work, I hope you'll understand many of the reasons why.

The Foot on The Notebook became our logo, our identity.

That kid in Rwanda has no idea what he started!


The Kick Project lives many lives.

I really hope you will become one of its many, wonderful, living parts.


Kick on.....


James Rose



We believe that the most sustainable and most resilient communities are built from the child up.


As such, working with a community’s younger members helps empower communities to steer clear of violence, prejudice and poverty.

Our Mission

To provide and support sports-related & educational activities and resources allowing to rebuild societies broken by war, poverty, economic crisis, enforced asylum, natural disaster or other such calamity, either momentary or on-going.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Vibrant and stable communities where grassroots development is significantly enhancing the economic, social, cultural and environmental quality of life.














Children – and women – are most often in the front line of modern war, poverty impact, disaster and national or community crisis.

By supporting our local partners we are determined to change their lives for the better.

The Kick Project

We are a not-for-profit using sports as a tool to bring joy, hope and interaction to children and youth in troubled communities worldwide.

We are established in Finland as a registered association.

(Reg. no. 291.781)


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