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Another GOALScorer from Kenya

We are glad to introduce the latest addition to our GOALScorers initiative:

Football Without Borders Kenya (FWBK).

FWBK’s “Theory of Change” is based on the premise that concrete positive changes in young persons behavior, activity or situation are dependent on changes in their perspective and perception of themselves and others.

Strategy of action is based on a methodology of the Five FWBK Pillars which work holistically and are integrated within the various projects and activities of the organization:




-Community Development


The popularity of sports particularly football in Africa encourages cultural unity, social cohesion (amongst youth of diverse tribal backgrounds), and self empowerment of the youth which can be used as a force for good. Soccer, Boxing and Martial Arts are effective in instilling skills of peace and conflict resolution in communities with a high level of crime and violence by equipping participants with self defense skills and most importantly self awareness and self discipline.

FWBK’s main goal is to challenge gender stereotypes by assertively including young women in these male dominated sports in order to foster equality and inclusion.

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