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Rohingya FC

The RFC is our pilot program. The aim is to set up a functioning football club for Rohingya refugees living in Malaysia.
The Rohingya are an ethnic group facing severe persecution and discrimination in Myanmar and in Bangladesh.
The club is designed to give the community a focal point both physically and socially and to provide an outlet for youth and children. 
Among its goals are as follows:
* To increase the participation of Rohingya children in the activities of the RFC
* To increase, over the period of the program, visits to the sports facility by Rohingya children
* To establish football-related means whereby Rohingya and non-Rohingya children can interact in safety and security.
*To increase harmony and good relations with non-Rohingya communities in KL, particularly between children
* To increase participation for children in wider, non-Rohingya society through “football diplomacy”
* To increase social and community well-being among the Rohingya community in KL, with special emphasis on children.
Our RFC program has received funding from the Australian Government - via the Australian High Commission in Malaysia - and is an official partner with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.
The RFC has been a proven success across all the areas intended. 
International media interest has been massive and interaction with the club has increased. This latter result is evidence the club has resonance among the Rohingya people in Malaysia and beyond - the club is well known inside Myanmar and among refugees in Bangladesh for instance. 
Recently, as Australian expert in post-trauma recovery and the use of sport reported very favourably on the RFC program.
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