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Social Enterprise


The Kick Project is developing a social enterprise model to help fund our work.


We are using corporate consulting as a funding vehicle, on a not-for-profit basis to channel funds back into The Kick Project.

Our core product is a Human Rights Risk Audit.

Using around 132 data points, specifically targeted on your organisation's culture, risk and business profile, these reports are designed to both break down the barriers to understanding human rights in a business context and to give your business the tools to understand where its risks and opportunities exist.

This report utilises some 25 years in the corporate responsibility sector and in media and communications, through our founder, James Rose. 

Human Rights Risk Audit offers a simple, cost effective entry point for those beginning their human rights and social engagement journey or can act as an independent review of already existing practices. 

And, there is the extra value-add of knowing the profits from your fees are going directly to fund the work we are doing with The Kick Project.

It's a virtuous circle.

For further info about our Human Rights Risk Audits and our social enterprise model, kindly contact

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