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World United

This project represents the next phase of our growth as a not for profit using sport for development and peace.
The concept is to set up at least a football club - for football/soccer and other sports where possible - and perhaps a whole league in refugee camps around the world.
Facilities in camps, as can be imagined, are generally very harsh. Children rarely have access to organised sports and this can undermine mental and physical health.
Also, camps often throw together those from different ethnic groups and religions, between which sport can act as a bridge.
Currently, we are researching possibilities to establish first World United program in Zambia.​
The planned target camp for this is Mayakwayukwa camp which serves around 13,000 refugees from Congo, Burundi, Angola and Rwanda.
Currently a youth team already exists there and our role could be to support and enable the team to expand and succeed.​ A league of some 13 junior teams exists in the camp and we may look at supporting this too.
Other sports such as basketball, netball and volleyball are being considered for support, especially in relation to encouraging the participation of girls.
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